OCR Empire


Mo Al Balooshi

Founder and Head Coach

Started OCR in 2018 straight after my race experience at Sparta Trifecta World Championship in Greece, I failed many obstacles and I decided to build an obstacle course with my dad at my backyard just to practice and get better. My first race was in 2016. We were a group of friends who trains at the beach every single weekend, and by time that group got bigger and bigger. I knew that I had a passion for this sport so I took it to the next level. I became a certified trainer, I wanted to change people’s life and help them to achieve their fitness goals. Couple of years later, I created the biggest OCR team in the Middle East and my passionate for this sport never change since then.

Noor Kuhail

Co-founder and Coach

Started my OCR journey in February 2020 and it was the best decision I have ever made! I never imagined myself before doing OCR..never saw myself in this kind of sport and never believed im capable of doing it. OCR taught me to step outside my comfort zone. I was always the shy person who is always afraid to try something new. When I joined OCR my life changed 100% not only physically but mentally too. Couple of months after I joined the OCR community, I decided to be a certified trainer where I can teach people and help them to achieve their goals. I get so happy when I see people adapting the skills and techniques, I taught them in passing obstacles 😊