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What is OCR

Obstacle course racing (OCR)

Sport in which a racer run and must overcome various physical challenges in the form of obstacles. It can be running on track, road, or trail route. Course may include climbing over walls or up ropes, monkey bars, carrying heavy objects, traversing bodies of water or mud, crawling under barbed wire, and jumping through fire.

There are many Obstacle Course Races like Spartan, Tough Mudder, Desert Warrior Challenge and many others around the world!

Some people run in elite category where they compete with the top racers, others compete within their age group category or perhaps running solo or with a group of friends for fun.

To get prepared for OCR, you need to have a proper shoe with good grip as you don’t know what to expect. The grip will help you to avoid slipping and maintain a balance on rocky terrains and slippery obstacles. Wear something you are comfortable with and that will depend on the weather condition on the day you are racing. If it is raining, its good to have winder breaker jacket and gloves to keep you warm while running. If it sunny, a light dri fit clothes as you may face water obstacles too. 

In terms of training for OCR, you need to run at least 2-3 times a week mixture of easy short, long runs and one time where you do intervals. This will help you to develop your speed in running.


When it comes to obstacles, you need to have a strong grip and upper body as you will need to hang and move along on obstacles. Not all obstacles need upper body strength, if you know the right technique, this will help you to pass without using so much effort.For more tips and techniques, please feel free to visit us at OCR Empire Gym to give you all the guides and tricks.